Youtube Channel Starter Kit 2022


The purpose of this article is to limit the seemingly endless possibilities and to highlight a collection of the best cameras to help you start with YouTube. You probably won't use the same camera for every video tutorial or jump a 50-foot waterfall.

I've written a few helpful articles on how to find the right niche, how to monetize your channel and what equipment do i need to start my own youtube channel.

It's your content that will decide what supplies do you need to start a youtube channel, and finding the perfect camera for what you do will only make it better. The camera you choose is an option that helps you create the best possible YouTube video content.

For the purpose of this article, I have compiled a list of YouTube newcomers below $1,000 ranked the best cameras.

starter kit for youtube channel

If you are not familiar with camera equipment, finding the best equipment for your needs can be a daunting task. In this article, we'll look at the 5 most important types of devices you'll need to start a YouTube channel, and how you can get it for free if you only need a computer and a smartphone.

Whether you are displaying your videos just or planning to capture others, objects or places, you need a camera and you have a few options.


what to buy when starting a youtube channel

There are a lot of YouTube camera kits to choose from and they are designed for professional videographers to make their lives easier and to save time with research.

In this article you will find the 5 best YouTube starter kits for 2021 and find out which is suitable for your YouTube channel. Check out the best YouTube camera kits for newcomers to the YouTube vlogging industry.

what to have to start a youtube channel?

You don't have to wait for a fancy camera to film to find out whether you want to make YouTube videos. If you choose YouTube, I recommend you take a look at your video quality, the light, the sound and the frame of your content to stand out.

Decent camera and webcam quality is important, and you need to record your videos in full 1080p resolution as often as possible.

youtube gaming channel starter kit

IMacs have some decent video editing software, including iMovie for PC users, but iMac owners who want something more advanced have more options. Bear in mind that for great vlogging, a range of professional cameras are required, as well as all the accessories needed to create high-quality content for YouTube.

This is one of the best youtube channel starter kit for beginners and beauty gurus who plan to launch a beauty channel on YouTube. By purchasing this YouTube starter kit, you can save a lot of money on your first purchase.

Flexible tripod Gripster, additional battery, SD card reader, 16 GB SD card, camera bag, cleaning kit and much more.

This article will steer you in the right direction to find the best YouTube channel starter kit. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 camera kit includes two high-speed SD cards (U3 and 32GB), two additional batteries, a high-quality camera case and your DSLR.

This kit includes not only practical accessories for the vlogger, but also a 4K point-and-shoot camera operated by OIS.

In addition to incredible image quality, the camera gives your videos a range of sound and clarity with minimal noise and interruptions.

It has 19 cross-type autofocus points to ensure fast and accurate autofocusing for clear video. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi technology and an accompanying camera connection app to enable sharing and shooting remotely.

Youtube Channel Starter Kit 2022
Youtube Channel Starter Kit

youtube channel starter kit also includes The Canon 1300D (also known as T6) as it is a great DSLR camera that offers the customization you would expect from a camera with interchangeable lenses while featuring a fast autofocus system, 18.7MP CMOS sensor and HD video recording.

It is a good camera that can offer a lot of control over what your pictures and videos look like without having a high price tag. The Canon G7X Mark II is another great camera for travel and for high quality pictures and videos.

The Canon 1300D (also known as the T6) will not be able to shoot in 4K HD but good quality is the standard for YouTube. While DSLRs offer uncompromising photo and image quality, mirrorless cameras provide ultra-high resolution video, and it goes without saying that this is suitable for waterfall diving.

If your YouTube content includes action sports or activities where portability is paramount, an action camera is the best option. This can be one of your best tools if you don't have your equipment with you.

As a YouTuber you will find that most of the time you hold the camera in your hand and try to film yourself. You've probably heard that the best camera is the one you have, and that's especially true for your smartphone.

The Canon EOS Rebel camera series has been an integral part of the community for many years. If you have moved a lot and don't have a lot of experience holding your camera, the ZV-1 does the ground well. You will be fine. It's the perfect camera for YouTube.

Jack Allen, a student who earns money via his YouTube channel Tezla, explains that it is difficult to put a precise figure on how much you can make from a video that works well.

It's hard to say exactly how much I make from every video I make, but my average video gets a few thousand views, which makes me pretty good. It took me three years to get to this point where I earn more than a few pennies for a video, so it really depends on how lucky you are to make videos that go viral.


I hope this article has helped you and you have found the best YouTube setup for beginners to start your own channel. With our favorite YouTube channel starter kits, you can get started on the right path. If you're starting from scratch, I recommend you jump right in and film a YouTube video with your phone.

The above discussed are all the things you need as a youtube starter kits but before buying any products don’t forget to have youtube channel names

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